Oh cheers.

The weather’s getting better so hopefully updates will be more frequent!

First off here is Josh performing some stunts on a makeshift spot.





And finally here’s a pic of Manny Lopez doing a large 50-50. I shot it at a weird angle; I think it looks kinda cool but hey you might not. Either way we can all agreed that it’s Manny doing the trick.



Brown Sugar.

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Playing with flashes.

Had the chance to have a play with some flashes thanks to Josh. Never really used them before so the pic is not the best, but hey you have to start somewhere!

Adam -  ollie to wallride


Brown Sugar


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February fiends.

As you know it’s pretty wet and I’m pretty lazy, so updates have been minimal.

Me and Will spent last Friday attempting to go somewhere interesting but after failing that we hit up the Baltic. Despite not being able to skate switch Will does have a knack of finding something new with old spots. Here he is bs tailing the second step and popping to the flat. You go Will!



Saturday brought blue skies so we decided to venture a bit further than the Newcastle town centre. Kurt was out skating for the first time in while because of various injuries, though that didn’t stop him going all out.

We hit up Meadowell park first and he proceeded to bs lip and smith the down rail about 8 times in a row.

Bs Lip


Fs Smith


The weather looked like it was taking a turn for the worse so we headed out to skate some street. The chosen destination was the metal ledge next to Swan Hunter and Kurt didn’t disappoint, landing a mach speed bs tail!



After that the rain started to come down so we headed to town for some lovely scotch eggs and hot chocolates!

Til next time!

Brown Sugar


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Old montages refound!

So while clearing through my hard drive I stumbled upon a load of old montages which used to be on my Blip account. As Blip seems to have changed/deleted them I decided it would be good to upload them again.

I’m going to try and upload 1 a week so as to spread them out a bit, anyway here is the first installment which is montage from around 2010 I think.


Brown Sugar

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Christmas Carparks

It’s cold, wet and windy and I prefer a car park to the spit filled shitness of Bridges.

Adam bs smith

adam bs smith

London Tom Art


Brown Sugar

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So I finally finished making the 5th installment of the WUT video saga. This has clips from over a year ago so some people might look completely different now!Anyway enjoy and hopefully the next one will be out sooner rather than later!

Brown Sugar

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Bishcam – Full video online!

Back in 2006 I finished my first Newcastle scene DVD, I was super modest and called it Bishcam. I’ve finally got round to uploading the full video to the net. Some of the people featured have gone on to be amazing whereas some have disappeared off the face of the earth!

So sit back and enjoy 40 minutes of old school Newcastle skating!

Brown Sugar

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