London – Man dem, cru, big ups, tings, pars, peng and other London stereotypes.

I was down in London last weekend filming with the Fabric team for the forthcoming promo. I don’t have any photos of them as they’re keeping their photos for adverts and other such important things, I did however get some radical maneuvers from some the crew who were shredding over the weekend.

All round powerhouse Connor went in hard at every spot and even managed to get hit by a car on the Sunday! This wallride spot was in the middle of a housing estate which was literally like a level from Tony Hawk’s. The whole RVCA were sessioning round the corner so Connor to hit up this Rock and Roll while it was quiet. EDIT: TOOK PHOTO DOWN AS WILL TOOK A VERSION AFTERWARDS ON HIS FILM CAMERA AND NOW WANTS TO SEND IT OFF TO A MAG! HERE’S A GNARLY PIC OF THE COUGAR INSTEAD, OLLIE BIN TO FLAT!

cougar ollie

Josh Cobbin decided to come down to London for the weekend so he could get some clips for my Northern Souls video, unfortunately he rolled his ankle really badly on the first night! He did manage to film some bangers first thankfully, as well getting this rad K grind pic!


On the final day Manny took us to a gnarly rail spot and while he warmed up his mate Daryl casually kickflipped this insanely steep gap!


Til next time!

Brown Sugar

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Oh yes.

It’s been a while, I won’t try and make any excuses, I’m just fucking lazy.

A collection of pics from the last few months.

Will Kickflip

Will decided to hit up this uphill road gap a few weeks back and without much fuss rolled away dreaming of Brad Cromer giving him a high five.


Adam K grind

Adam has just learnt K grinds, he can them on lots of things, here is one such thing.

adam k

Will bs 50-50

Will Sheerin has been in the Toon for a while but I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him til recently. He’s a ripper and a good lad, here he is Christianising the new rail in Exi park with a bs 50-50.


Mani No Comply

Mani with the ever so hot No Comply.

mani no comply

Mani Fs Nose

Fs nose in the beautiful Summer colours.

mani fsnose

Let’s hope the next update is not too long away.

Brown Sugar

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Here comes the summer!

So it’s getting nice and warm which means we’ve been out skating a lot more.

Josh Cobbin is set to have a banging section in my upcoming vid ‘Northern Souls’ and he’s really racking up the footage at the moment.


Here he is with a 5.0 180 out; he landed it first go which was pretty mental!


Here he is again with a fs tail, Josh wasn’t super keen on trying this, but as usual once he did he’d landed it within 4 goes!


Jamie C is another person I hope to film a section with and as he films about 3 clips every time he’s out, it doesn’t look like that will be much of a problem!

Here he is with a hefty ollie out of a kicker which would be perfect for Kerry Getz!


Til next time, SEE YA LATER!

Brown Sugar

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I finally have the internet back so have some updates!

So I’ve been internet less for the last month or so which means there has been a distinct lack of blogging!

Anyway let’s not waste anymore time with boring excuses!

First we have Will with an ollie into a very thin and high roof. After we’d skated here a family decided to lock us in the school grounds. This resulted in having to ring the council to come and let us out, it being a Sunday meant that we were stuck waiting around for 45 minutes; lovely.


Next we having Mani with a boardslide pop over, notice how I’ve gone for the super arty shot behind the fence. Some would say I’m a innovator, maybe even a genius behind the camera, they’d probably be right.


And finally we have Buster with a styled out Bs Lip. It’s got everything you want right here, ‘trill’ trick, ‘dope’ clothes, ‘rad’ style, ‘sick’ stunts and ‘OG’ skater, what more could you want!


Til next time!


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Oh cheers.

The weather’s getting better so hopefully updates will be more frequent!

First off here is Josh performing some stunts on a makeshift spot.





And finally here’s a pic of Manny Lopez doing a large 50-50. I shot it at a weird angle; I think it looks kinda cool but hey you might not. Either way we can all agreed that it’s Manny doing the trick.



Brown Sugar.

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Playing with flashes.

Had the chance to have a play with some flashes thanks to Josh. Never really used them before so the pic is not the best, but hey you have to start somewhere!

Adam -  ollie to wallride


Brown Sugar


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February fiends.

As you know it’s pretty wet and I’m pretty lazy, so updates have been minimal.

Me and Will spent last Friday attempting to go somewhere interesting but after failing that we hit up the Baltic. Despite not being able to skate switch Will does have a knack of finding something new with old spots. Here he is bs tailing the second step and popping to the flat. You go Will!



Saturday brought blue skies so we decided to venture a bit further than the Newcastle town centre. Kurt was out skating for the first time in while because of various injuries, though that didn’t stop him going all out.

We hit up Meadowell park first and he proceeded to bs lip and smith the down rail about 8 times in a row.

Bs Lip


Fs Smith


The weather looked like it was taking a turn for the worse so we headed out to skate some street. The chosen destination was the metal ledge next to Swan Hunter and Kurt didn’t disappoint, landing a mach speed bs tail!



After that the rain started to come down so we headed to town for some lovely scotch eggs and hot chocolates!

Til next time!

Brown Sugar


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