Perfect Blues!

The weather was fine, the juice was refreshing and the tricks were plentiful today; all in all it was a good saturday!

The day started off with Ben visiting my aboad to watch the new vans vid, after getting suitably stoked Ben decided it was time to finally skate his first handrail. Channelling the spirit of AVE he only went and noseslide the local 3 stair. Hesh til death!


Not content with his new Hesh persona we ventured to West Jesmond so he could keep things current with a long trendy boardslide around the corner. For extra Magenta points he took it to fakie, cheeky.


We were joined at West Jesmond by the Cougar, Cal and Darren. I told Darren I only thought he skated ramp so he proceeded to throw some street bangers.
First off was a 180 sw 5.0, a lovely trick if there ever was one.


And then within a few goes the tastiest of fs noseblunts was landed; he’s an ATV for sure!


Hopefully there’ll be good weather all weekend so I can do some more blogging!


Brown Sugar.

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Hello, is it me you’re looking for.

Guess what, it’s been sunny so we’ve actually been skating!

Since it’s not too long til ‘Northern Souls’ is due to be released I’ve decided to amp up the filming a little. To start this flurry of filming was a litte trip to the Freeman Hospital banks. Anyone who’s skated these will know that they pretty much have no transition and are a complete bust but despite this Jack and Ben managed to few things.


Jack got this lovely sw rock fakie just as we were getting booted, sadly for him he broke his elbow at the next spot. Get well soon mate!


Ben was sticking this rock and roll but we got the boot before he rolled it clean, next time though!


Here’s one from a few weeks ago when Josh was up on a filming mission. A marble aided blunt mid block pop out and as you could imagine it was done with typical Josh flare.


This weekend thanks to some amazing directions from Sunderland Bmxer @unknownparasites I managed to skate two unreal new spots. The first was a multiple block manny pad spot and the second was a downhill street laden with numerous banks/hips of varying sizes. I didn’t get any pics from the manny spot as I was too busy filming but below you can see how could the bank spot was.

A stylish bs tail from young buck Mani Haddon.


And equally rad nosepick again from Mani.


Til next time!

Brown Sugar

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Matty Smith – Toon, Toon, Black And White Photos!

So our favourite wallie’n, slamming and cream cake eating friend Matty Smith was back last week and was joined by the switch heel spaniel Josh Cobbin.

I was set for a weekend of filming for ‘Northern Souls’ with the Dynamic Duo, but sadly on the first day Josh got a heavy heel bruise trying to get ‘Buck’ (Think that’s what the kids call gnarly nowadays) over a city centre hubba. This meant it was up to Matty Smith to get some photos and footage for the blog, luckly he’s not adverse to going in hard!

First off is a one of those super trendy wallie polejams, if this was taken at night on a film camera it had the potential to be the cover of ‘Cool Guys Incorporated’. Oh well maybe next time.


Next off was a sexy Saturday stunner in the form of a bs180 nosegrind on the top of the picnic bench at West Jesmond school.


And finally here he is with a wallie at a new civic centre spot. A tricky run up with a tight landing, Matty utilised the power of the white trousers to roll away clean.


Until next time!

Brown Sugar

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What’s that? The sun?

So the winter looks like it’s finally starting to end, which means we can get out shredding a little more!

OG shredder Arnie has been around for years and has probably done one of the best kickflips down Pilgrim 8 ever documented. He’s fairly low key nowadays but when he does make an apprearance it’s always one full of hammers.

I’ve posted a few photos which are blog worthy, but there are some which are being kept incase they’re good enough to be printed!

Arnie ollie


Arnie bs 180


And let’s not forget Mani, who fresh from his last part in ‘Coast To Coast’ is straight back on it filming a section for my video ‘Northern Souls’.

Mani Nosebonk


Til next time, SEE YA LATER!

Brown Sugar

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Northern Souls – Trailer 2!

Here’s the new trailer for my video ‘Northern Souls’! It should be out around Oct 2015, and will feature such OGs as Kurt, The Cougar, Will, Josh and assorted rad skaters!


Brown Sugar!

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Wet weekends.

So it’s been cold, wet and miserable and that’s about it.

So basically we went to the moon and it was wet, and it make the best of a bad situation a little session was had on the whippy tranny in the B&Q carpark. Sadly no hotdogs were consumed.

Here is bad boy Ben with a tight rock fakie. You go Ben!


Mr Cobbin was back for the weekend and thankfully didn’t have to endure too much hassle for hammers from me. Here he is with a crail grab, very current.


And finally here is Ranson/Coolio_Featuring_Lv/Randiddly/Randogg/Heed/Bigbootybadboy with an E-cig inspired rock fakie.


See Ya Later!

Brown Sugar

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Winter Wonderland.

So it’s the time of year when it’s cold, wet and gets dark by 4pm which in turn means skateboarding becomes a hell of lot more difficult. Despite this we’ve managed to get out filming between the various hot chocolate breaks.

Native rider The Cougar has been on one recently and within the space of a few weeks has managed to film half a section for my video ‘Northern Souls’. Here is a warm up ollie down the college big 3 before he proceeded to blast out a massive NBD.


Some of the Fabric guys were up this week finishing off filming for the Fabric promo. We decided a good spot would be Sunderland Plaza and we hit it up as early as possible. Unfortunately for us it was soaked through and the freezing weather meant it looked like it was going to take a while todry up. After a swift trip to poundland and the purchase of lots of towels we proceeded to dry the spot up. With the spot reclaimed Jason quickly got to skating and within a few goes got this rad bs noseblunt! Keep your eyes peeled to see the footage in the Fabric promo.


Til next time, have a hot chocolate on me!

Brown Sugar

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