Jamie C full section coming soon!

Been filming a full section with local Kasperholic  and Kanten Russell uber fan Jamie ‘D3’ Cairn’s!

It’s pretty much gonna make your eyes explode when you see him destroy every spot in Newcastle.

Basically after this people will stop wearing turnups, chino’s, cons and short sleeve shirts and start rocking baggy pant’s, techincal 90’s shoes and Blind decks, as the skating is that damn good.

Can’t be arsed doing a trailer at the moment so here is a picture of the man himself warming up with an ollie down some stairs.

Below I carefully provided you with a checklist so that one day you can be throwing down hammers all over your local skate spots like our man Jamie C

1. Watch this guy skate the Carlsbad gap on repeat for 4 hours (Growing long blond hair and loving god is optional)

2. Go on Ebay and find some D3’s, if you’re gonna jump down 20 stairs on the regular then you’ll need those shoes to ‘protect yo neck’ (Or heels as the case may be). On a side note I had 2 pairs of these back in the day and I fucking loved them.

3. Realise that the late 90’s was the BEST era of skating.

4. Watch ‘The Storm’.

So take heed and one day you could kill as much as Jamie C!



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