WTF! Up Wit Dat?

So, after a half hour battle with the new BT homehub last week, I finally managed to find out ‘WTF!’ the skateboarding community were chatting about.

It turns out it was the rampaging bull of the new Foundation video. Since the only faint glimpses of Foundation I’d seen in recent years were on the bottom of Romero, Duffel and Preston’s decks, I very much thought that they were a brand doomed for obscurity. However, as soon as Dakota Servold, ignoring an over weight security guard, locks into 50-50 over 21 of Lady America’s finest manmade steps, you know it’s about to kick off. Despite him being pretty much a kid with a lifelong guest list pass into ‘Club Handrail’ and loving every second, Servold is on the right sides of hesh, gnar and steez to keep it interesting.
Ryan Spencer, another unknown to me, who’s jumped right on the snowplow bandwagon with style, continues hitting the rails but with a mix of lines and other crazy ass shit. His ender like a modern day Steve Olson is enough reason to watch the video by itself.
Dan Murphy goes switch down the big shit, but for me was a little style-less. As if someone had taken a bunch of stair and gap bangers from a Logic video. To be honest just like his Emerica section, Marquise Preston doesn’t do much better. Once again winding out his arse and winding in his neck – in terms of ingenuity – Preston excites me about as much as the premise of an all night ‘Murder She Wrote’ marathon: You know someone’s going to kill it, but you just don’t give a fuck.
Sharing Preston’s song come Abdias Rivera and Sierra Fellers like two Nokia 3310s with different covers on. They have the same solid style and both bore me as much as the other. Much like an antique armchair with a fold-out tele that only shows the Queen’s Christmas speech: Wooden, boring and just a little bit robotic. Despite this, Fellers ends with another banger, which we can add as another notch to the handle of our ‘Hammer’ hammer.
Taylor Smith is good. Watch his section. I can’t really think of anything else to say about him. I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I can’t really fault the lad, or a bad thing that I can’t think of anything that stands out too much. Either way, I’m off for a cuppa and a full pack of Fig Rolls, I’ll think of something better to say about Corey Duffel for you.
At this point, if you’d like to retrieve any refreshments then do so with great haste as we have much to do. Although if you’ve scrolled down, you’ll see that this was a lie, I apologise in advance and commend you for bearing with me for this long.
I’m pretty sure that Corey Duffel decided to film for his section with the sole aim of showing up anyone that ever thought they could ollie distance. Steaming towards obstacles with the uncontrollable push that only a 10 foot behemoth is allowed to posses, Duffel, in short, kills it! For the first time his section isn’t overshadowed by his own ridiculous fashion sense, although he didn’t manage to conceal his inner mosher completely. If you look closely you will see a chain on his jeans despite all those beards, flannel shirts and muted colours. Nice try you filthy emo.
As soon as The Pixies kick off with ‘Bone Machine’ you know Nick Merlino will be handing out a hugely impressive section. No one would dare use the song if the tricks weren’t going to be epic. But you listen up, listen hard and listen good. THERE WILL BE NO SMILING! NO LAUGHING! AND NO FUN! Seriously, I heard this kid kills babys, not for fun and not for himself. They are what he trades with the devil for the unadulterated bangers that he throws down. Although he throws them down like an automated banger throwing machine programmed by Bill Gates himself, the volume and regularity of said ‘bangers’ tips the scales from ‘yawn’ to ‘WTF!’ It’s so tempting to ruin every trick for anyone who hasn’t seen ‘WTF!’ yet. But I shall refrain and simply say: Watch this video, it’s short, it’s sick and you will see something thrown down Hollywood High (da big side) in addition you will witness a young man landing every trick with perfection but looking like someone’s just called him a Curly haired twat (which from what I can gather isn’t far off the mark). If nothing else it will leave you asking ‘What the Fuck!’ and if it doesn’t then it’ll leave me asking ‘Wut Up Wit Dat?’

Watch it here if you haven’t already…,com_hwdvideoshare/Itemid,90/lang,en/task,viewvideo/video_id,1349/


Big Phil


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