The Steak Bake challenge!

So while eating one of Gregg’s delightful pasties I was informed that there is some sort of Gregg’s based challenge in Newcastle.

Apparently it’s to eat a steak bake in every one of Newcastle city centers Gregg’s. Off the top of my head I counted around 12, so this didn’t like it would be much of a problem.

I don’t think there is any prize or maybe even any competition but fuck it I’m still gonna have a crack at it!

So next week I will attempt to eat 10 of the glorious Gregg;s Steak Bakes (May be less delicious as the picture makes you believe)!

Join me then for some pastry fun!



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4 responses to “The Steak Bake challenge!

  1. Swagger

    Another blog? What is this even about? Peeps who are gonna to eat pasties but haven’t yet?

  2. Denise Van Elton

    There’s nothing ‘swag’ about people who can’t even process their own words correctly. It’s ‘going to’ or ‘gonna’, not ‘gonna to’ you retarded, blog roaming, whiney little bitch. It’s just a fucking blog. What’s your blog about? My new one is about your vagina. Go and sit on the WordPress homepage and wait for newly created blogs to load, paste your comment on each one then feel really big.

  3. Cal

    This blog has died before it even began! Do some posts

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