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Another Week of Photo’s.


Josh with a boardslide around the corner.

Helder 50-50

Helder Boardslide.

Random mortal guy who Helder made friends with and wanted his photo taken.

Brown Sugar


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Stuff that’s happened represented in photo’s!

Some photo’s from the past week.

Matty performing a classic ollie.

Tom taking on the bank with a crailstall.

He then channeled the spirit of Christian Hosoi to make this powerslide.

Unfortunately Hosoi’s spirit left and all that was left was mine, and all you get from that is a Bs Noseslide.

Matty went the traditional route with a 50-50.

Though I think gnarlmeister general of the week goes to Stitt. We found this kinked rail that was unskateable because of lots of blind bumps, roll out onto a ledge and it’s shear gnarlness. It had slight potential as it had a little ledge before it to get run up on. Originally Stitt was going to try and ride along and 50-50 but the run up ended up being too short. Instead he went for the running and jumping on board approach (In my eyes harder). I filmed it and got a sequence which I will post later, but til then have a gander at the stills.

No fear in these eyes, even as he’s about to bail.



Brown Sugar

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10 Cold Day Tricks With Jason Lewer.

Last week it was stupidly cold. We went to the wasteland which was pretty frozen over, but Jason still knocked out 10 tricks before we had to retire back to the warmth!

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Bingo Jam 2012

The memorial Jam for Bingo was held last Sunday at 5 bridges and it was good to see a really good turn out despite the weather.

People had traveled from every part of the UK and it goes to show how loved and missed Bingo is.

Didn’t take many photo’s but below is a few from the day.


Dave and Dylan.

Jamie Bs Tail.

Ben get the angles!


Toggles Feeble.

Blinky and Dylan.


Leon (I think).

Matty Fs crook.

Bingo forever.


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Average photo’s.

Some photo’s from the last week or so, it’s cold so I didn’t try very hard to take nice ones.

Jason Bs Lip

Will Fs Lip

Matty Bs Noseblunt

Jason Bs K Grind

Brown Sugar

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‘Pigs In Wigs’ – Opening friends montage!

As promised I’ve started uploading the various sections from ‘Pigs In Wigs’. Might aswell start at the start with the opening friends montage. More sections to follow!

Brown Sugar

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Will Creswick Web Edit!

Josh has put together a lovely edit of main man ripper the Will Creswick! Check it out and give the guys some Knucks!

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