Stuff that’s happened represented in photo’s!

Some photo’s from the past week.

Matty performing a classic ollie.

Tom taking on the bank with a crailstall.

He then channeled the spirit of Christian Hosoi to make this powerslide.

Unfortunately Hosoi’s spirit left and all that was left was mine, and all you get from that is a Bs Noseslide.

Matty went the traditional route with a 50-50.

Though I think gnarlmeister general of the week goes to Stitt. We found this kinked rail that was unskateable because of lots of blind bumps, roll out onto a ledge and it’s shear gnarlness. It had slight potential as it had a little ledge before it to get run up on. Originally Stitt was going to try and ride along and 50-50 but the run up ended up being too short. Instead he went for the running and jumping on board approach (In my eyes harder). I filmed it and got a sequence which I will post later, but til then have a gander at the stills.

No fear in these eyes, even as he’s about to bail.



Brown Sugar


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