Doing it Down South

Since I moved down to London – abandoning everyone and everything I’ve ever known – It’s been a bit of a struggle getting out on the old street plow and when we do we often end up at one of two skateparks.

This is not A) Because I’m now a soft southerner who only wants to skate park. B) Because I’m scared of being mugged, stabbed and forceably buggered with my own set up, nor is it C) Because whenever I turn up at a spot there are aggressive looking guys that work at Supreme staring us out.

It’s simply because skateboarding down here is just like skating a massive version of Newcastle – if you try and skate street during the week, you get kicked or it’s too busy or everyone else is at work and then when you try to skate the weekend it rains and you have to skate SB/5B’s

So anyway, watch this video that my housemate made and I’ll see most of you on Friday.

Big Phil AKA B.A. Barrack Obama


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December 17, 2012 · 12:07 am

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