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Slackness update!

Basically I’ve been slack and not updated the blog for a while. this doesn’t mean I haven’t been shredding because I have honestly… I even learnt 2 tricks and turned 30th!

Anyway here are a few photos I’ve taken over the last month or so.

First off we have Mellon peforming a bank grab/grind thing. It’s has a cool name but I’m really bad with grab trick names. Let’s just call it the ‘Bucket Hat Bad Boy’.


Next we have Josh with a lovely 5.0 and Jamie with a front board. These tricks were done on a lovely day of cruising around Newcastle/Gateshead looking for spots. Josh didn’t really want to 5.0 this rail but after calling him names for long enough he ended up doing it.



Manny Lopez was up at the start of summer filming for the Fabric video. He wanted to frontboard a rail in uni so we hit up Exi for him to warm up on the rail there. He then proceeded to bust out about 20 in a row, here is one of them.


And finally here is Washy local Darren with a massive flip to fakie, this guy was ripping the quarter all day!


Til next time, (which could Christmas going by how slack I am) see ya later!

Brown Sugar


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