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Skateboarding ist Kreig

So unbelievably I’ve made another update. In the words of Spaced’s Tyres ‘You Lucky People’!

Will with a nosegrind pop out. I know it’s out of focus but you get what you pay for and since you payed nothing you get this.

will overcrook

I’ve been wanting to shoot some photos on the new benches in the uni, but hadn’t got round to it until recently. I haven’t quite got it right yet but it was a nice test to see what they could look like.

Josh K grind.



Adam K grind as well.


Til next time!

Brown Sugar


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What’s this? Updates?

Yeah I know there hasn’t been any updates in a while but what can I say, I’m slack.

Anyway I found some random photos scattered on my hard drive which haven’t been shared so have a gander.

First off we have Blinky performing the classic no-comply. No-complies have garnered a lot of popularity recently, but while there are many people (myself included) popping shit ones Blinky isn’t one of them! Big Ol’ no-comply for the lads!


Rosey is back on the scene after a long sabbatical skating Ashington. Keeping it mosh here he is with a street grab…

rosey mellon

Matty has big beard now, he kinda looks like Thor. I wonder how good Thor was at noseblunts?




Til next time, which will probably be next year, keep shredding!

Brown Sugar

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