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I finally have the internet back so have some updates!

So I’ve been internet less for the last month or so which means there has been a distinct lack of blogging!

Anyway let’s not waste anymore time with boring excuses!

First we have Will with an ollie into a very thin and high roof. After we’d skated here a family decided to lock us in the school grounds. This resulted in having to ring the council to come and let us out, it being a Sunday meant that we were stuck waiting around for 45 minutes; lovely.


Next we having Mani with a boardslide pop over, notice how I’ve gone for the super arty shot behind the fence. Some would say I’m a innovator, maybe even a genius behind the camera, they’d probably be right.


And finally we have Buster with a styled out Bs Lip. It’s got everything you want right here, ‘trill’ trick, ‘dope’ clothes, ‘rad’ style, ‘sick’ stunts and ‘OG’ skater, what more could you want!


Til next time!



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