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Here comes the summer!

So it’s getting nice and warm which means we’ve been out skating a lot more.

Josh Cobbin is set to have a banging section in my upcoming vid ‘Northern Souls’ and he’s really racking up the footage at the moment.


Here he is with a 5.0 180 out; he landed it first go which was pretty mental!


Here he is again with a fs tail, Josh wasn’t super keen on trying this, but as usual once he did he’d landed it within 4 goes!


Jamie C is another person I hope to film a section with and as he films about 3 clips every time he’s out, it doesn’t look like that will be much of a problem!

Here he is with a hefty ollie out of a kicker which would be perfect for Kerry Getz!


Til next time, SEE YA LATER!

Brown Sugar


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