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London – Man dem, cru, big ups, tings, pars, peng and other London stereotypes.

I was down in London last weekend filming with the Fabric team for the forthcoming promo. I don’t have any photos of them as they’re keeping their photos for adverts and other such important things, I did however get some radical maneuvers from some the crew who were shredding over the weekend.

All round powerhouse Connor went in hard at every spot and even managed to get hit by a car on the Sunday! This wallride spot was in the middle of a housing estate which was literally like a level from Tony Hawk’s. The whole RVCA were sessioning round the corner so Connor to hit up this Rock and Roll while it was quiet. EDIT: TOOK PHOTO DOWN AS WILL TOOK A VERSION AFTERWARDS ON HIS FILM CAMERA AND NOW WANTS TO SEND IT OFF TO A MAG! HERE’S A GNARLY PIC OF THE COUGAR INSTEAD, OLLIE BIN TO FLAT!

cougar ollie

Josh Cobbin decided to come down to London for the weekend so he could get some clips for my Northern Souls video, unfortunately he rolled his ankle really badly on the first night! He did manage to film some bangers first thankfully, as well getting this rad K grind pic!


On the final day Manny took us to a gnarly rail spot and while he warmed up his mate Daryl casually kickflipped this insanely steep gap!


Til next time!

Brown Sugar


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