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Winter Wonderland.

So it’s the time of year when it’s cold, wet and gets dark by 4pm which in turn means skateboarding becomes a hell of lot more difficult. Despite this we’ve managed to get out filming between the various hot chocolate breaks.

Native rider The Cougar has been on one recently and within the space of a few weeks has managed to film half a section for my video ‘Northern Souls’. Here is a warm up ollie down the college big 3 before he proceeded to blast out a massive NBD.


Some of the Fabric guys were up this week finishing off filming for the Fabric promo. We decided a good spot would be Sunderland Plaza and we hit it up as early as possible. Unfortunately for us it was soaked through and the freezing weather meant it looked like it was going to take a while todry up. After a swift trip to poundland and the purchase of lots of towels we proceeded to dry the spot up. With the spot reclaimed Jason quickly got to skating and within a few goes got this rad bs noseblunt! Keep your eyes peeled to see the footage in the Fabric promo.


Til next time, have a hot chocolate on me!

Brown Sugar


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