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What’s that? The sun?

So the winter looks like it’s finally starting to end, which means we can get out shredding a little more!

OG shredder Arnie has been around for years and has probably done one of the best kickflips down Pilgrim 8 ever documented. He’s fairly low key nowadays but when he does make an apprearance it’s always one full of hammers.

I’ve posted a few photos which are blog worthy, but there are some which are being kept incase they’re good enough to be printed!

Arnie ollie


Arnie bs 180


And let’s not forget Mani, who fresh from his last part in ‘Coast To Coast’ is straight back on it filming a section for my video ‘Northern Souls’.

Mani Nosebonk


Til next time, SEE YA LATER!

Brown Sugar


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