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Matty Smith – Toon, Toon, Black And White Photos!

So our favourite wallie’n, slamming and cream cake eating friend Matty Smith was back last week and was joined by the switch heel spaniel Josh Cobbin.

I was set for a weekend of filming for ‘Northern Souls’ with the Dynamic Duo, but sadly on the first day Josh got a heavy heel bruise trying to get ‘Buck’ (Think that’s what the kids call gnarly nowadays) over a city centre hubba. This meant it was up to Matty Smith to get some photos and footage for the blog, luckly he’s not adverse to going in hard!

First off is a one of those super trendy wallie polejams, if this was taken at night on a film camera it had the potential to be the cover of ‘Cool Guys Incorporated’. Oh well maybe next time.


Next off was a sexy Saturday stunner in the form of a bs180 nosegrind on the top of the picnic bench at West Jesmond school.


And finally here he is with a wallie at a new civic centre spot. A tricky run up with a tight landing, Matty utilised the power of the white trousers to roll away clean.


Until next time!

Brown Sugar


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