Hello, is it me you’re looking for.

Guess what, it’s been sunny so we’ve actually been skating!

Since it’s not too long til ‘Northern Souls’ is due to be released I’ve decided to amp up the filming a little. To start this flurry of filming was a litte trip to the Freeman Hospital banks. Anyone who’s skated these will know that they pretty much have no transition and are a complete bust but despite this Jack and Ben managed to few things.


Jack got this lovely sw rock fakie just as we were getting booted, sadly for him he broke his elbow at the next spot. Get well soon mate!


Ben was sticking this rock and roll but we got the boot before he rolled it clean, next time though!


Here’s one from a few weeks ago when Josh was up on a filming mission. A marble aided blunt mid block pop out and as you could imagine it was done with typical Josh flare.


This weekend thanks to some amazing directions from Sunderland Bmxer @unknownparasites I managed to skate two unreal new spots. The first was a multiple block manny pad spot and the second was a downhill street laden with numerous banks/hips of varying sizes. I didn’t get any pics from the manny spot as I was too busy filming but below you can see how could the bank spot was.

A stylish bs tail from young buck Mani Haddon.


And equally rad nosepick again from Mani.


Til next time!

Brown Sugar


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