Perfect Blues!

The weather was fine, the juice was refreshing and the tricks were plentiful today; all in all it was a good saturday!

The day started off with Ben visiting my aboad to watch the new vans vid, after getting suitably stoked Ben decided it was time to finally skate his first handrail. Channelling the spirit of AVE he only went and noseslide the local 3 stair. Hesh til death!


Not content with his new Hesh persona we ventured to West Jesmond so he could keep things current with a long trendy boardslide around the corner. For extra Magenta points he took it to fakie, cheeky.


We were joined at West Jesmond by the Cougar, Cal and Darren. I told Darren I only thought he skated ramp so he proceeded to throw some street bangers.
First off was a 180 sw 5.0, a lovely trick if there ever was one.


And then within a few goes the tastiest of fs noseblunts was landed; he’s an ATV for sure!


Hopefully there’ll be good weather all weekend so I can do some more blogging!


Brown Sugar.


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