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Go Skateboarding Day.

So it was the annual ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ and the weather looked like it was going to be good for a change; well that optimisim was short lived.

The small crew of me, Kurt and Glen started off at one of Glen’s secret spots.It was a pretty good school which had a few set of stairs lots of smooth ground and also a massive wall/massive drop. Obviously Kurt stepped up and wanted to film; the choice was a speedy line which ended with the huge wall ollie. Just as he was trying it the heavens opened which definitely didn’t make things easy but he as always he manged to stick it. Sadly for him he had to do it two more times so that I could get a second angle and also a photo!


Just as he got it the rain started again so we thought we’d try our luck at another spot, stupidly we decided the best bet would be Amble skatepark but as with most of the North east it was pissing it down. Resigning ourselves to defeat we headed home only for the sun to burst out of the clouds. Since we were near North Shields we thought it’d be silly not to pop to the park, luckily it was dry and in no time Kurt landed this lovely bs tail. After that it really was home time for some lovely hot chocolate.


Hopefully more updates soon!

Brown Sugar


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