When Animals Attacks: The Cougar!

Another week and another weekend forcing ‘The Cougar’ to skate things he doesn’t want to.
To be fair hopefully he’ll be stoked once his section for ‘Northern Souls’ comes out and he’s a local hero!

To start the photographic hammer diary is the bin gap in Gateshead. While some local booze hounds were talking to Ben and Big Juice the Cougar calmly threw down this warm up nollie. Wait for his section to see what else he did…


Next on the hit list was this cheeky little rail. While the feeble is good, what’s more impressive is the fact that he had to ollie up a curb from the road just before popping onto the rail!


And to finish off the day we skated the tight trannies (ooo matron) up the road; while being cheered on by a grandma and what I assume was her grandson the Cougar threw down a lovely blunt 180. See kids he doesn’t just skate street!

cougar blunt


Here’s a lovely screen grab of Ben mid slam, that boy can take a fall!


Laters skaters!

Brown Sugar


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