Star Trek 15 – The Search For The Lost Kickflip.

Sorry if you read the title and assumed that you’d found news about the new Star Trek film, this post has none of that. I imagine if there was a new one, it’d be about Worf having to sell his Klingon swords because of him losing his job at Star Fleet due to austerity cuts.

Anyway I digress, welcome to another summer filled post of fun times!

We’ll start with resident Native employee Ben. Always wanting to go full ham he started off his day with holy beanplant. He had to do it twice as I’d forgotten to wipe the lens the first time; classic.


Next up is a high speed fs air from our favourite Munchkin playing teacher James Allen.


The blue carpet dorito is a notoriously hard to skate but luckily for us we had two proper hard lads with us in the guise of Buster and the Tiger.

Here’s Buster throwing down the most Gucci/Ted Baker rock fakie you’re likely to see this side of New York.


And finally we have the Tiger stepping up where only Ricky Oyola has been before, the gap to ledge! Despite cutting his hand on some broken bottles he powered through to land the sweetest Bs 50-50!


Hopefully more soon!

Brown Sugar


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