Skateboarding, it’s proper brill!

Another week, another week of skating!

This time we had a lovely visit from the ‘switch heel spaniel’, or as his mother called him, Josh. Josh can now drive so he’s been forced into driving around the various out of town spots the North East has to offer. To make things more amusing his small car was filled to capacity with people averaging six foot; tight as a tiger you might say.

Before we get started on the proper skating, here’s a picture of yours truely. This spot in Gateshead is pretty rough and I’m not ashamed to say I was stoked that I managed to grind a bs smith all of 2 inches! You can’t fake this steez…


It was decided that Sunderland might be a good shout and as always the plaza seemed like it would bring loads of footage. In reality we ended up skating a curb for a couple of hours. Even so Matty roused enough energy to put down this lovely bs bluntslide; textbook.


Sunday is meant to be the day of rest but when you’ve got filming deadlines every day is hammertime! It looked like Josh might come away from this weekend without having to be bullied into hurting himself, sadly for him this didn’t end up being the case. I’ve wanted someone to do a trick on this ledge for years now and most people have laughed it off, thankfully after a lot of waxing Josh stepped up and gave it a good seeing to. He landed it about 10 times, so I manged to film it and take a few photos, what more can you ask for!


With this momentum hopefully next week will bring even more hammers!

Brown Sugar.


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