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So long, and thanks for all the sausages.

It’s been all quiet on the Western front recently as I’ve gone into full on filming mode. Despite all the hammers being filmed and photos being kept for mags I’ve managed to get a few pics for all you blog fiends!


One of my favourite skate pals Ben has disappeared to the bright lights of London town in the last few weeks. I think he’s working in a sausage shop, though I could be wrong about that. On his last skate in the Toon he managed to perform one of his signature noseslides on a tasty new undercover ledge while channeling the steez of Clyde Singleton.


As you probably saw in the last post, Matty ‘loves a slam’ Smith is back in the city doing his acting. Between being the new Marlon Brando he’s steadly racking up the clips for ‘Northern Souls’.

He nicely colour coordinated his shirt with the spot for this Fs Nose. Short run up and rough landing, lovely.


A spot which was a favourite in the days of filming for ‘Pigs In Wigs’ was visited by us last week and the unusually heat meant that Matty had to go topless; what an absolute LAD. Anyway here he is with a Nosepick.


And last but not least we have the uncaged beast that is the Cougar!

I’ve wanted someone to skate this spot for a while now and luckily the Cougar was up to the challenge! Not put off the hordes of charvers getting their chips he busted out the ollie over about 10 times with a cheeky trick off the ledge. His section is going to be mental so be prepared!



Til next time!

Brown Sugar!



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