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Calm Before The Storm!

Before anything else, let’s get the important info out of the way.


The premiere for my video ‘Northern Souls’ will be on Sat Jan 9th 8pm-9pm at the Tyneside Cinema Pop Up Cinema which is directly opposite the Tyneside Cinema cafe!

It’s all ages so get everyone along!

So I don’t think I’ll be able to post anything more until the premiere as I’ll be busy editing but here’s a cheeky little post to keep you going!

Michael Kelly took up the call for people to start filming some tricks for the friends section quite late in the game, but he’s defintely come through with some bangers! Here he is with a tricky gap to Bs Boardslide.


Ghetto was never really going to have a section but in the summer he decided he was up for trying to get as much as possible. I’ve got to say his footage is really good and I think this uber high Fs Nose was one of the first clips we filmed. Don’t forget he flows atomically…


And finally we have the man, the legend, the myth of the Cougar! As you can imagine he’s got a fair amount of hammers for the vid, but this is one of my favourites. A quick ollie up then ollie to the skinny ledge! In the pitch dark as well, what a lad!


So hopefully the next post will be after the prem!

Happy New Year!

Brown Sugar


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