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Will Creswick – Section Now Live!

So Northern Souls has been out a month or so now, so I thought it was time I put another section up to entice the people who haven’t bought it yet!

This will probably be the last section put online until I’ve sold out of DVDs, so lap it up and enjoy the ride! And go buy the DVD so I can buy more chocolate milk!

Til next time!

Brown Sugar


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Northern Souls – Now Available!

So the time has finally come, my latest scene video ‘Northern Souls’ is now available to buy! It’s available at Fat Dog Skate Store and or just hit me up via my website (Or DM me on facebook)!

I’ve decided to release Josh Cobbin’s opening section from the video as a bit of hype. Josh is one of my favourite skaters and criminally underrated! So sit back enjoy and then go buy the vid! It’s got a load of tasty extras as well!

Brown Sugar

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Calm Before The Storm!

Before anything else, let’s get the important info out of the way.


The premiere for my video ‘Northern Souls’ will be on Sat Jan 9th 8pm-9pm at the Tyneside Cinema Pop Up Cinema which is directly opposite the Tyneside Cinema cafe!

It’s all ages so get everyone along!

So I don’t think I’ll be able to post anything more until the premiere as I’ll be busy editing but here’s a cheeky little post to keep you going!

Michael Kelly took up the call for people to start filming some tricks for the friends section quite late in the game, but he’s defintely come through with some bangers! Here he is with a tricky gap to Bs Boardslide.


Ghetto was never really going to have a section but in the summer he decided he was up for trying to get as much as possible. I’ve got to say his footage is really good and I think this uber high Fs Nose was one of the first clips we filmed. Don’t forget he flows atomically…


And finally we have the man, the legend, the myth of the Cougar! As you can imagine he’s got a fair amount of hammers for the vid, but this is one of my favourites. A quick ollie up then ollie to the skinny ledge! In the pitch dark as well, what a lad!


So hopefully the next post will be after the prem!

Happy New Year!

Brown Sugar

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So long, and thanks for all the sausages.

It’s been all quiet on the Western front recently as I’ve gone into full on filming mode. Despite all the hammers being filmed and photos being kept for mags I’ve managed to get a few pics for all you blog fiends!


One of my favourite skate pals Ben has disappeared to the bright lights of London town in the last few weeks. I think he’s working in a sausage shop, though I could be wrong about that. On his last skate in the Toon he managed to perform one of his signature noseslides on a tasty new undercover ledge while channeling the steez of Clyde Singleton.


As you probably saw in the last post, Matty ‘loves a slam’ Smith is back in the city doing his acting. Between being the new Marlon Brando he’s steadly racking up the clips for ‘Northern Souls’.

He nicely colour coordinated his shirt with the spot for this Fs Nose. Short run up and rough landing, lovely.


A spot which was a favourite in the days of filming for ‘Pigs In Wigs’ was visited by us last week and the unusually heat meant that Matty had to go topless; what an absolute LAD. Anyway here he is with a Nosepick.


And last but not least we have the uncaged beast that is the Cougar!

I’ve wanted someone to skate this spot for a while now and luckily the Cougar was up to the challenge! Not put off the hordes of charvers getting their chips he busted out the ollie over about 10 times with a cheeky trick off the ledge. His section is going to be mental so be prepared!



Til next time!

Brown Sugar!


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Skateboarding, it’s proper brill!

Another week, another week of skating!

This time we had a lovely visit from the ‘switch heel spaniel’, or as his mother called him, Josh. Josh can now drive so he’s been forced into driving around the various out of town spots the North East has to offer. To make things more amusing his small car was filled to capacity with people averaging six foot; tight as a tiger you might say.

Before we get started on the proper skating, here’s a picture of yours truely. This spot in Gateshead is pretty rough and I’m not ashamed to say I was stoked that I managed to grind a bs smith all of 2 inches! You can’t fake this steez…


It was decided that Sunderland might be a good shout and as always the plaza seemed like it would bring loads of footage. In reality we ended up skating a curb for a couple of hours. Even so Matty roused enough energy to put down this lovely bs bluntslide; textbook.


Sunday is meant to be the day of rest but when you’ve got filming deadlines every day is hammertime! It looked like Josh might come away from this weekend without having to be bullied into hurting himself, sadly for him this didn’t end up being the case. I’ve wanted someone to do a trick on this ledge for years now and most people have laughed it off, thankfully after a lot of waxing Josh stepped up and gave it a good seeing to. He landed it about 10 times, so I manged to film it and take a few photos, what more can you ask for!


With this momentum hopefully next week will bring even more hammers!

Brown Sugar.

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The next Robert De Niro?

In the words of Slim Shady, ‘Guess who’s back, back again’.

Despite it looking like summer is on its way out, we managed to get filming this week.

As usual Jamie C was ready to take on every spot in town! Here he is warming up to hammers with a church powered heelflip!


Matty Smith is back to do some acting; I think he’s playing a spaceman, so what better to do on his time off than film some tricks for my video!

This trick was done by Buster first but he wasn’t keen on getting a picture. You can only keep things Gucci if you keep it on the DL! Anyway, here’s Matty with a Naval wallie.


Just across the road is this gap to rail which is pretty darn sketchy; not afraid of the odd slam Matty set about giving it a good ol’ fs board. Not long later he was rolling away dreaming of Hollywood!


Let’s see if the weekend brings more shred!

Brown Sugar

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Dusting off the Cobwebs!

We’re in full fling filming for Northern Souls and people are starting to step it up!

Jaime C has been on a mission lately and has managed to film around about 2 minutes of bangers in a month! This week was no different and to top of a day of filming he put down a burly fs tail to fakie.


Mani isn’t scared of the old school and this foot plant is testament to that, I even made it black and white to give it that retro feel.


And finally a bit of a surprise entry! OG Newcastle Reaction Pro Neil Urwin decided he wanted to film a whole section, so now we’re heading out early doors every weekend and getting stuff filmed! We were rained off today but we still got a few things filmed on the bank at 5 Bridges. Here’s a warm up Kickflip, still got that pop!


Here’s to next week!

Brown Sugar

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