Star Trek 15 – The Search For The Lost Kickflip.

Sorry if you read the title and assumed that you’d found news about the new Star Trek film, this post has none of that. I imagine if there was a new one, it’d be about Worf having to sell his Klingon swords because of him losing his job at Star Fleet due to austerity cuts.

Anyway I digress, welcome to another summer filled post of fun times!

We’ll start with resident Native employee Ben. Always wanting to go full ham he started off his day with holy beanplant. He had to do it twice as I’d forgotten to wipe the lens the first time; classic.


Next up is a high speed fs air from our favourite Munchkin playing teacher James Allen.


The blue carpet dorito is a notoriously hard to skate but luckily for us we had two proper hard lads with us in the guise of Buster and the Tiger.

Here’s Buster throwing down the most Gucci/Ted Baker rock fakie you’re likely to see this side of New York.


And finally we have the Tiger stepping up where only Ricky Oyola has been before, the gap to ledge! Despite cutting his hand on some broken bottles he powered through to land the sweetest Bs 50-50!


Hopefully more soon!

Brown Sugar


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Bish – The Matty’s Monthly Montage Files.

Back when I was making ‘Pigs In Wigs’ I was out filming and skating with Matty Smith a lot as he had the last section.

Because of this I ended up filming a fair amount of footy for the monthly montages he used to bring out.

So I decided to get all my clips from said montages and make my own little section.

Vainglorious indeed but I’m probably never going to skate as well again!

So sit back and enjoy the absolute steez that I ooze!

See you next time!

Brown Sugar

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When Animals Attacks: The Cougar!

Another week and another weekend forcing ‘The Cougar’ to skate things he doesn’t want to.
To be fair hopefully he’ll be stoked once his section for ‘Northern Souls’ comes out and he’s a local hero!

To start the photographic hammer diary is the bin gap in Gateshead. While some local booze hounds were talking to Ben and Big Juice the Cougar calmly threw down this warm up nollie. Wait for his section to see what else he did…


Next on the hit list was this cheeky little rail. While the feeble is good, what’s more impressive is the fact that he had to ollie up a curb from the road just before popping onto the rail!


And to finish off the day we skated the tight trannies (ooo matron) up the road; while being cheered on by a grandma and what I assume was her grandson the Cougar threw down a lovely blunt 180. See kids he doesn’t just skate street!

cougar blunt


Here’s a lovely screen grab of Ben mid slam, that boy can take a fall!


Laters skaters!

Brown Sugar

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Pole position.

I’ve been filming pretty heavily the last few weeks so I haven’t had the chance to shoot many photos for the blog.

Anyway yesterday Ben wanted to film some tricks on a newly created pole jam, so we headed down and got to work.

It didn’t take long for Ben to start sticking the no-comply pole jam, but he only really started getting close when he went shirtless.



Halfway through the shred Adam turned up and k bonked his way into this weeks blog post.


Let’s see what the rest of the month brings!

Brown Sugar.

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Go Skateboarding Day.

So it was the annual ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ and the weather looked like it was going to be good for a change; well that optimisim was short lived.

The small crew of me, Kurt and Glen started off at one of Glen’s secret spots.It was a pretty good school which had a few set of stairs lots of smooth ground and also a massive wall/massive drop. Obviously Kurt stepped up and wanted to film; the choice was a speedy line which ended with the huge wall ollie. Just as he was trying it the heavens opened which definitely didn’t make things easy but he as always he manged to stick it. Sadly for him he had to do it two more times so that I could get a second angle and also a photo!


Just as he got it the rain started again so we thought we’d try our luck at another spot, stupidly we decided the best bet would be Amble skatepark but as with most of the North east it was pissing it down. Resigning ourselves to defeat we headed home only for the sun to burst out of the clouds. Since we were near North Shields we thought it’d be silly not to pop to the park, luckily it was dry and in no time Kurt landed this lovely bs tail. After that it really was home time for some lovely hot chocolate.


Hopefully more updates soon!

Brown Sugar

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Perfect Blues!

The weather was fine, the juice was refreshing and the tricks were plentiful today; all in all it was a good saturday!

The day started off with Ben visiting my aboad to watch the new vans vid, after getting suitably stoked Ben decided it was time to finally skate his first handrail. Channelling the spirit of AVE he only went and noseslide the local 3 stair. Hesh til death!


Not content with his new Hesh persona we ventured to West Jesmond so he could keep things current with a long trendy boardslide around the corner. For extra Magenta points he took it to fakie, cheeky.


We were joined at West Jesmond by the Cougar, Cal and Darren. I told Darren I only thought he skated ramp so he proceeded to throw some street bangers.
First off was a 180 sw 5.0, a lovely trick if there ever was one.


And then within a few goes the tastiest of fs noseblunts was landed; he’s an ATV for sure!


Hopefully there’ll be good weather all weekend so I can do some more blogging!


Brown Sugar.

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Hello, is it me you’re looking for.

Guess what, it’s been sunny so we’ve actually been skating!

Since it’s not too long til ‘Northern Souls’ is due to be released I’ve decided to amp up the filming a little. To start this flurry of filming was a litte trip to the Freeman Hospital banks. Anyone who’s skated these will know that they pretty much have no transition and are a complete bust but despite this Jack and Ben managed to few things.


Jack got this lovely sw rock fakie just as we were getting booted, sadly for him he broke his elbow at the next spot. Get well soon mate!


Ben was sticking this rock and roll but we got the boot before he rolled it clean, next time though!


Here’s one from a few weeks ago when Josh was up on a filming mission. A marble aided blunt mid block pop out and as you could imagine it was done with typical Josh flare.


This weekend thanks to some amazing directions from Sunderland Bmxer @unknownparasites I managed to skate two unreal new spots. The first was a multiple block manny pad spot and the second was a downhill street laden with numerous banks/hips of varying sizes. I didn’t get any pics from the manny spot as I was too busy filming but below you can see how could the bank spot was.

A stylish bs tail from young buck Mani Haddon.


And equally rad nosepick again from Mani.


Til next time!

Brown Sugar

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