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Insane burgers and some sunny skateboarding.

So I’ve just got back from Barca filming with the Fabric team and I was going to do a huge blog post on said trip. Though it’s going to take me ages to write it all up so I’m going to do it over the weekend. Until then enjoy a few skate pics from last weekend and also a little review of ‘Fat Hippo’ burger joint in Jesmond.

I’ve been craving a proper handmade burger for a while now and it’s something of a rarity in Newcastle. Most of the places that do burgers either provide you with preprocessed burger patties which tasty rubbery and hard or they churn out sad looking things at ridiculously prices. The only place so far which has been ok has been the new Coast restaurant in ‘The Gate’, from the outside it looks like standard franchise rubbish but I have to say the burgers were pretty good. I’ve also heard the new burgers at ‘The Forth’ are good but I’ve yet to try them. Anyway I’m digressing, I’ve been hearing good things about ‘The Fat Hippo’ and the pictures plastered over Facebook etc got me pretty excited. Myself, Nicola and my mate Christian decided to test it out the other night.

First impressions were that it was a cosy and twee little place that seemed pretty casual.
From what I could gather you could create any burger from the ingredients on the menu, though the thing which caught my eye was the triple stacked burger. As every burger is half a pound I felt this one and a half pound beast would definitely fill me up! I ordered it with standard cheese, swapped the jalapeno’s for caramelised onions and got a side of skinny fries.


I’ve got to say the burger was pretty darn good, it was soft, juicy and just the right thickness (OOOO MATRON). There were a few things however which could be improved, first off they gave you the burger on a small wooden plate. While this may look cool and quirky it ended up being completely counter productive! It was too small to work as a plate as food kept falling off the side when you were eating and as it had grooves through it the food would get stuck within it! The second thing was that the burger could have had a bit more sauce, while they did provide a healthy amount of condiments, once you received the burger the size of them makes it hard to dismantle it and add the much needed moisture.
Despite these few points I would highly recommend ‘The Fat Hippo’ if you want a proper burger, it gets a fat 7/10 from me!

Right so after that here’s a cheeky bit of skating from last week.

We decided to go on a little mission out of town instead of skating the same old spots last weekend. While we ended up walking a lot we did skate some places which we hadn’t hit up in while and as always a good time was had by all!

Here we have Will performing a noseslide/k grind on this mellow kicker to rail.


Here he is again with a sunny bs tail.


And finally here is Josh doing a hefty ollie!


Hopefully I’ll have been bothered to write up the Barca post by next week, so until then have fun!

Brown Sugar


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